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Trip to San José Island, Texas

As a water sign, crafter, and shell collector, I was super excited to experience a trip to San José Island, off the coast of Port Aransas, Texas. This is a privately owned island, and rumored to have excellent shelling. Me and my friends first enjoyed a much needed stop at Whataburger for some breakfast before hitting the road out to Port “A” as we Texans call it. We caught a ferry out to the island from the Fisherman’s Wharf (10$), then we exited out onto a long concrete pathway.

Walkway that greets you from the ferry to San José Island.

Follow the pathway and eventually you are brought to the long beach of San José Island. Right away we noticed that it was seaweed season. The shores were littered with the greenish brown stuff. Being a private island, I thought it would be much cleaner, than say public beaches, but I was sadly mistaken. Bottles and trash littered the beach, and made one feel inclined to keep walking to find a “cleaner” spot to make beach camp. Me and my friends walked about half a mile or more until we came upon “the spot”. It was fairly debris free, and what trash we found we picked up. Interestingly enough, we picked a spot near a neat looking raft/fence/? washed up on the shore.

Raft of some sort?????

We then proceeded to set up our umbrella, and “beach camp”. Here in South Texas the sun is no joke. Shade is essential, as well as sunscreen. We then decided to explore. We walked up and down the beach looking for shells and any sea loot we could find. We were sadly disappointed. Not much to find on the beach but trash, jellyfish, and broken shells. After exploring we spent the rest of the day playing in the waves, eating, drinking, and having a great time. We spent around 5 hours out on the Island, and I was feeling the sun burn, despite applying sunscreen various times. We packed up, and trekked back to the dock to await the ferry to take us back to Fisherman’s Wharf. While waiting for the ferry, a school of dolphins playing in the bay, gave us a beautiful ending to a peaceful and fun day.

Dolphins while waiting on ferry.

All in all, the trip was a great enjoyment. Sure, we didn’t come back with tons of shells like I was hoping, but it was actually the first time I ever danced around in the waves, on a beach here in Texas, despite living here over 25 years. I also lost my sunglasses and had to go buy a $4.00 pair at a tourist trap gift shop! Such fun. I still have those glasses, and I will carry the experience with me always.

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