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 This site is for everyone! We love giving back to others as they have helped us along our path. Here we share the little things, the “tidbits” if you will, of what keeps us positive, and have helped us continue along this journey of life.


A little about me…..

Welcome! My Name is Rebecca Atteberry. I am a small business owner recently from Orange Grove, Texas (I lived on Lake Corpus Christi, thus the name Lakeside Candles and Crafts). I was born in Benton, (Southern) Illinois, and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina until around the seventh grade, thus a BIG Panthers Fan.  I started making candles as a hobby on the side, and as the demand from my family and friends increased,  turned it into a business in 2008. I ventured into soap making, lip balms, scrubs, and other crafts.  My business was put on hold when my boyfriend at the time, was diagnosed with leukemia. Our lives took a drastic turn and our life was filled with hospitals, road trips, and lots of sick time. We became engaged at the top of Copper Mountain in Colorado on a spur of the moment ski trip, Feb 28, 2014.  We decided to move away from Texas to a little farming town named Palestine located in Southern Illinois, closer to my husband’s parents.

My husband’s parents own a local grain farm, so I added another skill under my belt as a grain farmer. (I started out in college as a Plant and Soil Science Major! I really believe I was born to be a farmer!)  Now I consider myself a farmer. I love the outdoors, the feel of planting and nurturing crops through their life cycles, and the final harvest of our labors. I still have a lot to learn, but I am surrounded by awesome friends, family, and colleges.  My craft business has relocated and formed an awesome following in Palestine, IL and the surrounding areas. At the end of July, 2017 my husband finished four years of his cancer treatment. DONE!!! This marked a major changing point in our lives. We both are dedicated to living life to its fullest and making every second count! We want to give back to everyone who helped us along the way. It means so much to us, words cannot express. This Site combines our love of cooking, crafting, farming, etc. to all our family, friends, and customers. Enjoy!

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Lakeside Candles and Crafts

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